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What we do

There is many ways one can increase transparency on reproductive health. We opted for something we could ourselves develop and could show results within the two month period. We are convinced, that early detection and transparency on ones own health are what the current state of medicine is lacking. We focus on the sexually transmitted diseases Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (if you are interested why we do it). To improve early detection of these diseases we think that large scale testing can significantly help reducing how common these diseases are.

So we dedicate this two month project to establish fruitful connections between industry and universities to promote the use of at-home test kits to detect sexually transmitted diseases. We hope to make the test-kits available to a larger audience by making them more aware that they exists as well as making the tests themselves cheaper and providing gateways to easy access. Noone should have to loose their fertility, because they have never been educated about asymptomatic diseases or because the testing options are too expensive.

To improve awareness as well as allow organisations and industry to provide services that better matches the needs of their customers we created a survey. Participate using this Google Form to help us!

In the meantime we are reaching out to various organisations (both non-profit and industry) as well as universities in order to facilitate communication between these groups. With that we hope to develop concepts together to find a win-all solution.